SOFT Blue Pads




SOFT – The most unstable and greatest comfort

Genuine SURE FOOT Equine SOFT Pads are color-coded with a Blue DuraFlex top stamped with the official SURE FOOT logo, and beige foam on the reverse side. They are packaged in pairs along with a Warranty Card registration form and QR code for immediate access to the SURE FOOT Equine website for on-line product registration and education.

The SOFT Pad yields quickly to the weight of the horse and gives laterally allowing the horse to sink in rapidly, unlike the HARD Pad which gives very slowly. Using the SOFT Pad is like presenting them with a pair of bedroom slippers. Comfort is acknowledged immediately. The SOFT Pad has the most lateral give of the SURE FOOT range. They are not a good choice for nervous, panicky, or anxious horses, who need something more secure and ground-like to start.

While starting with the FIRM or HARD is always a good practice, moving quickly to SOFT is better for horses that appear to be in discomfort, who have sore hooves and/or are walking in apparent pain (from causes other than soft tissue injuries). The SOFT is not a good choice for soft tissue injuries due to the amount of instability this pad provides. In these cases, it is always important to consult with your veterinarian before starting the SURE FOOT Program. Begin with the HARD pad to avoid lateral movements and begin using SOFT pads in consultation with your veterinarian.

  • Pads are suitable for use on any surface with horses that are shod, barefoot and/or wearing boots.
  • Pads will show wear over time. Nicks, tears and cuts are considered normal wear and tear and do not limit the effects of the pads in any way.
  • Benefit: Long-term use to aid in improvement of overall horse health and well-being.
  • Color Coded: Coated with Purple DuraFlex, a highly durable, anti-microbial coating.
  • Shape: Rectangular shape allows the different density pads to be paired or stacked for ease of use.
  • Size: 10”x12”x2” (25cmx30cmx5cm) so that there is sufficient area for the horse’s hoof.
  • Weight: Each pad weighs 9.5 oz (270 grams).
  • Weight load limit: Can be used with horses of any size, weight or breed.


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